Special Pages

These pages are meant to offer a pondering, inspiration, smiles, activities, and more. Below is a sampling of those pages.

They are often a single page, front and back.

Five Love Languages and some quotes

From a book by the same title, people often find connection more along some lines than others.  Learn what they are, why you would want to care, and what you can do with them.  The quotes on the second page are general ponderings.

Desiderata and Jello

The Desiderata is a somewhat famous set of musings on life, and the Jello Theory on the reverse is about staying present and mindful.

Face emotions and what is a counselor

Feeling words are difficult to come up at times, and these faces can facilitate that exploration.  The second page is an old essay about camp counseling.

Life Changers

What are the qualities of people who are instrumental in the lives of others?  Let’s start with love, humor, forgiveness, honesty, humility, encouragement, generosity, and integrity.

Modern Day Hero

We know super heroes, but we know heroes in our life even better and more powerfully . . . a brief note about how to be one.

Our Greatest Fear

Marianne Williamson’s eloquent reminder that we can be inspiring and create.


Two pages of general quotes that offer an ending to the manual.

Being an example and Children learn what they live

A reminder that how we are with one another is often the more moving and lasting influence we have on others, followed by a brief pondering on what children take away from their experience growing up.

10 cognitive thinking errors and Autobiography in five short chapters

A brief run down on ways of thinking that can cause us trouble, followed by a few paragraphs that are a mediation on how hard personal change can happen.

The Four Agreements

From the book by the same title — a brief summary.

Ten Truth Skills You Need to Live and Authentic Life

A two-page summary of the book by the same title.

Green Being Dream and quotes

A dream I literally had about some pretty amazing Green Beings that had me wake up because I was laughing so hard.  Followed by some general quotes.

Two Wolves and some parables

A Native American tale about feeding two wovles, followed by four very short stories.  Good fodder for embers conversations.