Research centers on media


From Pew to Kaiser to others, there are both useful and diverse perspectives on media in, particularly, children’s lives.  Some surprises and comforts here for all.

Pew Internet and American Life research and information page.  Their ten-year data tables are interesting.  Numerous articles and statistics, with some social analysis, but that part is more sparse.

In particular, check out the “Generation M” reports.  And, In particular again, the amount of time children spend with media is noteworthy and remarkable — between 45 and 53 hours a week!   The news release, video, and full report are particularly interesting.

Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood.  The name almost says it all.  Particular topics you can find here include:  violence, sexualization, play, ad creep, body image, materialism, schools, obesity, news, articles, and more. For numerous other organizations that focus on media & childhood see:

Boston Magazine article about the founder, Dr. Linn, her mission and her impressive background.

This page is from the American Psychological Association about the impact of media on children – and some guidelines.

“A non-partisan education organization advocating responsible entertainment.”  Research, tools, and advocacy info, including a guide to specific media out now, and reports on numerous media related topics.

Consuming Kids

A YouTube video of the documentary by the same name.  Now available to all . . . speaks to the commercialization of childhood.

Common Sense Media

Check out the mission and top 10 beliefs of this organization that aims to educate and inform with reviews, articles, and advice.