Coaching Children’s Behavior and Emotions

Curbing minor behavior issues quickly and effectively

There are many times when the child’s behavior does not really require “The Talk.” In less serious moments, there are a few tools that work better than others to get the situation back on track, without coercion or guilt.

5 Approaches to Discipline

How does one correct maladaptive behavior without using punishment, guilt, rewards, or sidling up friendly like?

Success Counseling

Sequel to the “5 Approaches” article above. Gain a better understanding of how to coach children toward an internally desired, positive, future state. Plus, numerous pages out of the “how-to” section of the Augustan staff manual.

Picking up the rope

“No!” “You can’t make me!” “But why?!” These are the beginning of a “game” of tug-of-war. Learn how to recognize rope throwing, and deal with it positively and powerfully.