Communication Skills

Clean Communication

One hallmark of a healthy environment inside or outside of a camp is “clean communication.” Learn the six faces of dirty communication, and how to avoid them. Critical information for all interpersonal relationships. Dr. Grayson created website.

Difficult Conversations Made Easier

Learn how you can say to yourself “I’m confident that I can bring up a difficult issue and have us both walk away happy, and with clear intentions for change.”

Communicating Emotion Intelligently

Learn several tools that will enable you to take aggressive and unhelpful statements/conversations and turn them toward positive and constructive ends. Turns daggers into flowers.

Compassionate communication

A body of work by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg shapes our every word and conversation at camp, as well as our thoughts. In essence, it is about powerfully working with needs and feelings to create connection and shared understandings . . . Emotional intelligence.

Three words to breathe easier

These three words changed my life and the lives of those around me. Invest 5 minutes and see how they might change yours as well.

Intentional Speech

With the above three words under your belt, you’re ready for more! Dive down the rabbit hole toward more powerful, intentional, and compassionate speech!

Four-ish letter words

Good, nice, mean, cool, fine, like, sure, okay, alright, awesome, whatever, yeah . . . these words can be pretty empty. Learn more about them and how to speak with more clarity and depth.

Educational Praise

“Good job” and “that was great!” are often heard coming from adults when speaking to children. Learn how to be more specific and effective with your praise. And, check out the video under “Self-esteem” above.

5 Leadership Styles

This useful framework quickly identifies five common approaches toward leading others. Leadership is largely an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – see for a quick PowerPoint with audio annotation of EQ.