Media & Children

Research centers on media

From Pew to Kaiser to others, there are both useful and diverse perspectives on media in, particularly, children’s lives. Some surprises and comforts here for all.

Media consumption levels

The centers above have loads on this, yet, the articles and information included here offer some nuances and perspectives not readily included elsewhere.

Interactive media/devices

From smart phones to Facebook, a few articles and thoughts for your consideration on the wise and unwise use of these tools.

Media shaping who we are

What’s happening to the brain, our social connections, our imaginations, our memories, and our passions? Ponderings for the journey all of us are on.

Media: school presence and effect

How does media influence children and teens at school, both in their experience and mental and emotional lives? Thoughts from a couple viewpoints.

Media and women

Body image, beauty, sense of self, sense of culture and place . . . explored here.

Video games and children

Passionate perspectives on both sides of the issue. Read a bit here.

Can’t get enough? More on media

How about males and media and a few other choice articles to meditate on?