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Perspectives on a college degree, the price of college, college life, college rankings, preparing for college, life after college, and more.


Whole. Complete. People of integrity act consistently across many situations and among many different people. They are maskless. Three components of integrity-as-wholeness are: 1) Honor Agreements; 2) Act in Accordance with Principles and Values; and 3) Word as Self. Explore this concept in organized depth here.

Children and physical health

This budding section includes snippets that aim to inform you about the physical health of your children (and yourself). Some of which you’ll certainly know, but there are likely some useful surprises in here for you as well. To the health of your children and yourselves!

A few interesting articles on the subject as food for thought.

E-mail and Text guidelines

E-mail/texting is pervasive, and more so with children and teens, yet etiquette and guidelines around it are sparse. The results can be pleasing or toxic. What we find useful is summarized here.

Special Pages

Over the decades, Dr. Grayson has gathered numerous little inspirational passages, musings, and tidbits, some of which also educate, while others briefly instruct. You’re sure to find something here you will appreciate. Enjoy!