Randall Grayson, Ph.D.


Academic etc.

  • Doctorate in psychology with concentrations in developmental, social, and organizational psychology
  • Taught at 3 universities, including child development at Westmont
  • Attended scores of professional development workshops etc. in numerous disciplines of psychology over decades
  • Read over 250 magazines a year
  • Read a couple dozen blogs regularly
  • Read over 1000 books on human development (total, not annually :-))



  • Have been working with children and families in an outdoor educational, residential setting for over 20 years
  • That’s about 20,000 hours of direct time
  • Because there are numerous children/families around a time, that number can be multiplied by 100+ in terms of being exposed to the more significant challenges that usually come to my attention
  • Diverse populations, from children in extreme poverty and without parents to highly privileged children and families
  • Trained thousands of adults in practical child and human development techniques
  • Father myself


Other fun facts

  • Handy with both broad swords and fencing swords
  • Master balloon artist
  • Has broken 16 bones, including neck (snow skiing accident), being a quadriplegic for over a year
  • Worked as a cowboy on a sheep ranch in New Zealand, a pizza driver, lawn mower, retail, massage therapist, computer tech support, training developer, office manager, door-to-door salesman, and many more.
  • Certified massage therapist
  • Traveled extensively, including:  China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Costa Rica, every state in the US except Alaska, numerous European countries, India, and more.
  • Used to own an 8 foot boa constrictor named “Cuddles.”


Other websites

Email: randall@parentingtuneup.org