Perspectives on a college degree, the price of college, college life, college rankings, preparing for college, life after college, and more.

Learning That Works

Alternatives to college, like vocational schools.

School Debt A Long-Term Burden For Many Graduates

With student loans nearing $1 trillion, the article looks at the the benefits and costs of bearing them.

The Myth of the Millionaire Dropout

An article about a book that argues the necessity of a college degree with income as the metric.

Wishing higher education were more innovative

Editorial in The Chronicle of Higher Education goading universities to transform themselves into being more relevant. 

Seth Godin blog around college as a brand

Briefly looks at college as a brand and if a particular brand is worth buying.

Stop Stealing Dreams

Seth Godin has a book by that title, a TED talk, and more, describing what is wrong, and could be right, with education.  Does not speak to college directly, but does in terms of the relationship between student and teacher.

Redefining Success and Celebrating the Ordinary

New York Times article on:  “. . . to make sure you aspire to goals because they are important to you, not because you want to impress your parents, your community or your friends.”

Newsweek article on “Is college a lousy investment?”

Newsweek article on “Is college a lousy investment?”

Swiss vocational model

The majority of Switzerland’s students opt for vocational training instead of college—and that does not mean the country is dumbing down

Gap Year: The Growing Appeal of Not Going Right to College

Common in other countries, America does not have the culture/tradition of taking a year out.  Take a look and see if this sounds like a good fit. 
Article from Washington Post on the topic as well.

SAT/Grades may not be the best collegian

Dr. Sternberg, esteemed psychologist, speaks about intelligence outside of the IQ domain and what that has to say about success

New university education model

The Minerva Project aims to be in the Ivy League, yet admit more students, and have a different model for preparation, and scholarship.