Videos for Enlightenment

Culture is a fascinating thing!  What people eat, what rights people have, what people wear, what is okay, what is not okay, all that and MORE is determined by culture. 

American children (and later adults) are exposed to a culture that has some special characteristics to it.  It is important to understand the culture, the sea we’re swimming in.  That understanding allows one to see the road being traveled, what the scenery looks like, and where the road might be leading, as well as alternative paths. 

Camp Augusta staff watch the majority of these videos, as well as a few others.


Boys Girls

Raising Cain

Slim Hopes

Tough Guise

Killing us Softly 3

Boys will be men

Reviving Ophelia

Bigger, Stronger, Faster

What a Girl Wants


Beauty Mark: Body Image & the Race for Perfection


Video by Jennifer Siebel Newsom



Teens Cool / Consumerism

Teen Sexuality in a Culture of Confusion

The Merchants of Cool

Lost Children

The Cost of Cool

The Teen Files

Affluenza (only $60 for non-profits, and generous rights)


Consuming Kids



Responsibility Television / Video Games

Help Me, I Can’t Help Myself

The Crisis of the Cultural Environment

The Blame Game

The Electronic Storyteller

The Power of Belief

Game Over:  effect of video games


Captive Audience


Digital Nation (PBS) view for free



Children’s Development & Culture Other
Self-esteem reality check
(20/20: Feel Good About Failure)

Food videos

The In Crowd and Social Cruelty

Randy Pausch ヨ Really Living Childhood Dreams
Randy Pausch ヨ interview with Diane Sawyer

The Medicated Child (PBS) view for free

The Mystery of Happiness


This Emotional Life