Play is Serious Business :-)

Games Without Electricity

Games for a bit of time here and there . . . we’ve seen literally thousands, and here are a couple dozen of our favorites, nicely categorized for your convenience. We don’t list most games, as there is a catch, or it is much easier to see it, rather than read & play it.


Articles and information about why play is crucial to children’s development, and the state of play in childhood now. Also, beyond the obvious joy of play, what are a few of the mental advantages of more specific kinds of play?

Embers (family time)

Around the dinner table, on a longer car ride, before bedtime, at bedtime, with extended family, and scores of other times . . . create connection, understanding, awareness, character, laughter, history, a sense of family, and a host of other positive ends by being together with these topics, adventures, challenges, and experiences.


After reading more than 7000 short stories of all descriptions, here are some of my favorites that are no longer copyrighted. In addition, a catalog of stories by theme is included – ask me for one you’re curious about. Short video here too. And, send me stories you love!!!