Pot, Drugs and Prescriptions

Below are a few articles and clippings that are the tip of the iceberg on this topic of massive scale and diversity. If you haven’t come across the below, I hope it will add to your knowledge.

Teens and pot – new research on effects

NYT article on the developing brain and pot.

Addiction risk

American Psychological Association article similar to the above.

Marijuana as Medicine

From “The Week” Magazine, a briefing-style Q&A that offers an overview of the topic.

Time Magazine – stats update

What is the usage amongst teen with pot, alcohol, and cigarettes?

So young, so many pills

Wall Street Journal story:  “More than 25% of Kids and Teens in the U.S. Take Prescriptions on a Regular Basis”

Oxycontin and other drugs

Fortune Magazine feature article on painkillers and their use, history, and future.  “254 million prescriptions for opioids were filled in the U.S., according to Wall Street analysts Cowen & Co. Enough painkillers were prescribed to ‘medicate every American adult around the clock for a month’”

The Surprising Truth About Addiction

Psychology Today article covers a few points on what is helpful in working with addictions.

The Medicated Child

Documentary film done by PBS that is available for viewing online now.

Parents severely underestimate  teen drug and alcohol use

10% believe their teen drinks, and 5% smoke pot, and the reality is more likely 52% and 28% respectively.

Smoking pot increases risk of car crashes

People who reported driving within three hours of using marijuana, or drivers who tested positive for the drug, were more than twice as likely to be involved in a car crash compared to other drivers