Sleep Physical Health

Sleep and blood pressure

Every hour of sleep you sacrifice increases your blood pressure, on average, 37%

Deep sleep diet

Sleeping more will lower your weight, for numerous reasons.

Sleeping less and death

A scientific study with some sobering results.

Increase stroke risk

USA Today article on the subject.

Sleep and diabetes

USA Today article on the subject.



Is your alarm clock making you fat?

Disrupting your bodies rhythms — “social jetlag” can make you fat.

Sweet dreams controls blood sugar.

So it appears!

Hungry and Irritable

Losing out on sleep messes with your hunger signals, and makes you irritable too.

Sleep and diabetes

Up to 70 million Americans are estimated to suffer from chronic problems with sleep, from insomnia to sleep apnea. Impaired sleep has been linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, depression, memory impairment and a weakened immune system.

Pillow talk from the heart

How sleeping improves heart health, as well as other risks and benefits

Sleep Inertia

You physical safety is at stake — BBC article about what happens after you awake from sleep or a nap.  See image below.

Inertia — folks sometimes take extra naps during the day, which is of course fine.  And, if you wake up and then start running an activity with risk, that can be problematic.  30 minutes of being awake and moving/interacting prevents nuanced interactions and skills from at times, literally, crashing.