Curbing minor behavior issues quickly and effectively

There are many times when the child’s behavior does not really require “The Talk.” In less serious moments, there are a few tools that work better than others to get the situation back on track, without coercion or guilt.

5 Approaches to Discipline

How does one correct maladaptive behavior without using punishment, guilt, rewards, or sidling up friendly like?

Success Counseling

Sequel to the “5 Approaches” article above. Gain a better understanding of how to coach children toward an internally desired, positive, future state. Plus, numerous pages out of the “how-to” section of the Augustan staff manual.

Picking up the rope

“No!” “You can’t make me!” “But why?!” These are the beginning of a “game” of tug-of-war. Learn how to recognize rope throwing, and deal with it positively and powerfully.