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We're proud to announce that in September 2009 our book NurtureShock will be published. We have a separate web site set up for it, Go there to learn more.

The book leaps off from our New York Magazine articles on the cutting edge science of kids. It covers a variety of counterintuitive topics, and relates to all stages of childhood, from toddlers to teens. It will change how you think about the kids in your life, and make you rethink how you became who you are. Ashley and I have been at work on the book since February of 2007. 


If you are interested in the book and want to be notified when it comes out, please join my mail list. This is a 100% private list seen only by me, shared with noone else. 

12logo.jpg (5191 bytes)  The book will be published by Twelve Publishers, with my longtime editor Jon Karp. They're not, actually, twelve different publishers, banded together. It's one publisher, doing twelve big books a year.

If you want to see our story on the science of kids' sleep, read the main article here, and then read the follow-up story here (the coolest tips to falling asleep you've ever read).

If you want to see our story on the science of praising kids for  New York Magazine, you can read it here.

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 If you were wondering why I hadn't updated my site in a while, now you know - I was off getting this book done. Sorry, and welcome back!