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All of the resources are FULL and INCLUSIVE; they are designed to be used without any or much additional help.  You may download the audio files that accompany some resources here, but be aware that they are between 30 and 60 megabytes each!  Help applying this information and more is also available.






Accolades and foreword by Bob Ditter  (91K)



In the preparation of these resources, reviewers offered their suggestions for improvement.  These people also offered some words of praise for the quality and nature of the material.  Those comments were largely unsolicited.  In addition, Bob Ditter wrote a three page foreword, which can be read here.

Camper Development

Emotional intelligence (1,500K)


45 slides

Brief information in presentation format on what Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is, why it is so important, and how to develop it.  Also includes information on how to measure EQ in a valid and reliable way. 

Emotional intelligence handout (236K)


21 pages

Detailed, but clear information about what Emotional Intelligence is, why it is crucial, and how to develop it.  Information on applying it to interpersonal relationships is also included.

Emotional Intelligence - Tools (405K)


8 Pages

Eight pages of hard tools that help campers and staff practice emotional intelligence during interpersonal conflicts.

At-risk youth presentation (1,100K)


34 slides

Covered topics include:  who are at-risk youth, why some at-risk youth make it while others do not, brief discussion of how camps can impact at-risk youth, and references and resources for more information. 

At-risk youth article (498K)


5 pages

The article quickly brings camp professionals up to speed on who "at-risk" youth are, what they need, and how camp can provide it.  This resource complements the presentation, instead of replacing it.

Self-esteem (412K)


12 pages

Detailed, scientifically accurate information on improving self-esteem.  Just as important, learn what self-esteem is not and the pitfalls many camps fall into.  Common misconceptions that hold camps back are also addressed.  If enhanced self-esteem is one of your outcomes, this short resource is vital information.

Behavior management (260K)


19 pages

This resource is a comprehensive behavior management plan that is firmly rooted in developmental and counseling psychology.  Elements of plans that work and don't, bases of power, 5 approaches to counseling, parenting styles, and a full description of a systematic plan for working with children are all included.

Over 450 pages of text
Over 500 presentation slides
Digital audio files for all presentations - about 10 hours
3 resources on evaluation
17 resources on organizational effectiveness
7 resources on camper development
6 resources on camp activities

All specifically addressing the camp audience
The equivalent of five book-length texts

Bob Ditter, M.Ed., LCSW, Camp Consultant
"This is a great and important book for the camp industry.  Any camp professional truly interested in delivering what they say they deliver -- quality experiences for children -- or making changes in their camp that increasingly make them "better" needs to read this book.  People tell me I've changed the industry over the past 20 years.  True or not, this book is the next level.  You can publicly say I said so."  In reference to the culture resource.  See Ditter's full message on the cd.

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